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feel the spirit 2008INDIA 20th November 2008 – 5th February 2009

On my 5th trip to India / Goa I started already on the 26th of November 2008.
After a flight of 10 hours I happily reached at Dabolim - Airport in Goa / India. My friend Gajanan and Premanand have been waiting there to take me by car to Chimbel, the pretty village where I stayed this time.

The warm welcome of my friends and one 1st chai... back to India !!!

In the next 2 1/2 months I have to form a new band, make all the rehearsals and to play the CD - Release - Concerts.

3 CD's of mine should be released this time. Rock and Raaga, my indian Label, has signed " Songs of Devotion ", " Goa " and " Aswattha ". Now you can listen to and buy my music in Goa, Mumbai, Delhi and the Middle -East.

... the largest Shiva statue in the world in Murdeshwar, KarnatakaThe 1st CD - Release - Concert was on the 1st January 2009 at Shiros in Candolim / Goa.
At this location " Songs of Devotion " was released. The indian television was there - that was a special spice for us !

The 2nd Release - Concert was on the 3rd of February at Kerkar Art Gallery in Calangute / Goa. In this concert two of my other CD's have been released : " Aswattha " & " Goa ".

Vinod Kulkarni, the great singer from Goa ( Bhimsen Joshi is his guru ) called me again to play Pakhawaj in his band. We have played at Swami Samarta Musicfestival in
Merces / Goa on the 31st of January.

Bhajan Sessions at the Temple and a trip to the Murdeshwar Temple in Karnataka, to the biggest Shiva Statue in the world, have made my time very joyful.

CD - Release - concert at the Kerkar Art Gallery, Calangute / Goa fltr Gajanan, Arun, Raviindra, Premanand, Prashant & SurendraVinod Kulkarni Band at Swami Samarta Musikfestival v.l.n.r. Gajanan, Mahadev, Raviindra, Vinod, Dai & Premanand

I have had a lot of time for my Yoga - Practice and I also composed another CD " Rajbanda ".

India was again a country of very friendly people and a spiritual vibe every place you go.

Now I have a lot of very good friends there and the next trip will be soon - my heart sings !!!

Jai Ganesh. Om Shanti

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