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 Ralf Ralle Fricker

Drummer · Percussionist · Composer

My study time...At the age of 12 it became obvious to me to follow the "path of the drum". At that time we established a group and we got going. We were teaching ourselves in playing our instruments.

On several suggestions of famous drummers like Jackie Liebezeit (Can),Dai Bowen,Charly Antolini and others I made up my mind to carry on playing the drums more like a professional. Günther Kamp (Music-School Ravensburg) managed to teach me the basics of drumming.Now I went out into the world of professional music.

Studies at Richard-Strauss-Conservatory Munich with Professor H. Gschwendtner.

1981 - 1985
Studies at Music-Academy Würzburg with Bernd Kremling.

During 4 years I had an intense look at Percussion- Ensemble,Avantgarde-Music (Stockhausen,Hashagen and others) Classical Orchestra Music, Jazz, Rock and Funk.

Recording "Realistic Percussion", radio recordings and beginning of composing my own music.

Joe Nay 1991Studies of jazz drums with Joe Nay in Munich.

"I see my job with dedication that helps to cope better with set-backs" once Joe mentioned.

Thanks Joe!

Many others helped to that "crazy"time of studies, e.g. Paul and Christel Kolbe, Alexander Görlich, Gerhard Wechsler, Andy Kummer,Wieland Schreiber, Helmut Kandert, Maria Eckert,Erhard Schumm, Joachim Mennig, Werner Hofmann, Andreas Witte, Thomas Wachter, Jo, Susi, Withold and other companions.

Thanks to you for having a good time!

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