Ralf "Ralle" Fricker
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Drummer · Percussionist · Composer

Ralf "Ralle" Fricker · Drummer · Percussionist · Composer


On these pages you have the possibility to get to know me a little better and to learn something about my varied musical life.

Interesting projects, traveling, Gurus, CD productions and spiritual experiences.

Ralf Rail Fricker


my projects...


raviindra cover At the age of 12 it became obvious to me to follow the "path of the drum". At that time we established a group and we got going. We were teaching ourselves in playing our instruments.

On several suggestions of famous drummers like Jackie Liebezeit (Can),Dai Bowen,Charly Antolini and others I made up my mind to carry on playing the drums more like a professional. Günther Kamp (Music-School Ravensburg) managed to teach me the basics of drumming.Now I went out into the world of professional music.


Yoga · The Classical Indian Way

yoga2 Patanjali, the author of yoga-sutra is regarded to be the founder of yoga philosophy (pata-snake, anjali-hands fold for prayer). B.K.S.Iyeng. Myself I came to an intense practise of yoga (asanas, meditation and energy dance) during my first journey to Brazil (journeys).


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